Draw Something

Ms McLeod and Mrs Brough found a new hobby in the holidays. We spent all our spare time playing Draw Something on our iPads…



Here’s a picture of the app. If you haven’t already got it, it’s worth purchasing and remember you don’t need to join with Facebook you can use your email address.


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13 thoughts on “Draw Something

  1. Dear mrs Brough
    I love draw something to and your draw something pitcher is great.
    Are you good at guessing other people’s drawings???
    From Keeley

  2. Dear Mrs Brough,
    I really love your pictures of draw something. I love draw something as well my favourite part is getting the answers right. What is your favourite part about draw something .
    Sincerely Teagan

  3. Dear Miss Mcleod,
    I like your drawings.
    Are you going to draw some more pictures?

    From Hana.

  4. Hi Hana,
    Draw something is one of my favourite apps. Iwill probably draw some more pictures tonight.
    Do you play it?
    Ms McLeod

  5. Hi Keely,
    Thanks for your comment. I am getting better at guessing people’s drawings.
    What’s your highest score with someone?
    Broughy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Teagan,
    I think I like drawing something best. I’m getting trickier with my drawings too.
    Have you saved one of your best drawings yet?
    I really like the way you can add a comment now too…
    Broughy ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Yamandu,
    I have another favourite app now…it’s pic collage!
    You get to make a collage out of some of your photos.
    Maybe I’ll make one for the Year 5 Blog!
    Broughy ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Dear mrs brough
    My highest score is 179. What’s yours???
    From keeley

  9. Hi Keely,
    My highest score isn’t as good as yours. I’m only up to 129.
    Do you have many friends. I only have 8 people I play with
    Broughy ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi mrs brough
    I think I’m playing 12 games what’s your best drawing???

  11. Hi Keeley, I think my best drawing so far was a mirror that I drew a face in… what’s your best drawing and do you have a photo of it?

  12. Hello,
    I love draw something i play it on my ipod. I play it with my Mum, Cousin, Keeley and randoms.

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