Passion Project

This week we will be beginning our passion projects.

This will give us an opportunity to demonstrate how well we can use the Information Literacy Process.

This week you will need to:

  • Set up your hard copy project folder
  • Set up your online project folder (in Dropbox)
  • Define your topic


What is the problem you wish to solve?

  • Select your topic (This needs to be new. You can work on a topic you already know lots about but you have to choose a new aspect or issue)
  • Create a concept map showing what you already know about your topic
  • Develop your focus questions
  • Identify your keywords
  • Prepare your research plan
  • Create your data grid

Sample Concept Map (Kidspiration)

Har0003 Antarctia

Sample Data Grid (Word)

data grid screen shot

pet0051 adelie penguin

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