Writing Quality Comments

The grade fives have begun learning how to comment on the school blogs.  This week we watched a short movie on how to write quality comments, and we learned the difference between a ‘thumbs up’ and a ‘thumbs down’ comment.

Good quality comments:

  • begin like a letter
  • compliment the writer
  • add new information
  • make a connection
  • finish with a question
  • are a about the post
  • do not include any personal information, including your last name
  • are proofread and edited carefully

The students practised writing ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ comments in their notes before they posted their comments onto their class blogs.  The students are becoming really good at writing quality comments and it will be great to see them writing lots of comments on the school blogs from now on.

Have a look at the video we watched in class this week:

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