Welcome to Term 2


Hi everyone,

Welcome back to term 2!  This term in Info Lit we will be learning more about commenting on blogs, and we are going to learn to use the WordPress App to begin to write and publish our own blog posts.  The second half of the term we will be learning to make presentations using the Keynote App.  We will make presentations about Natural Disasters, which is our Integrated Topic for this term.

William from grade 5FJ has written a blog post about the assessment task we completed in week one, and I have included some of the awesome Pic Collages the students made as part of their assessment.

I am looking forward to a fantastic term with you all in Info Lit!

Mrs Paterno.

First Week Back
Our first week back at Info Lit was great! We did an assessment piece for our report, we first had to draw a picture in drawing pad then we took a selfie of ourselves then we put it into Pic Collage so we played around with the fonts and colours. When we were done we saved it using WebDAVNav+ and emailed it as an attachment to Miss Paterno! We had all had lots of fun!
By Will 5FJ
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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Term 2

  1. Dear Mrs Paterno,
    This grade five work is really cool. Ypur kids did a good job at doing this. Who else goes for Hawthorn because I do?

    From Jay 6JA

  2. Dear Mrs Paterno
    Looks like everyone had a great holiday including me. Did you have a good holiday? Hope you did .From Chloe

  3. Dear Mrs Paterno,
    I think the posters are creative. They look like they had a fun holiday. What was Your holiday like?
    From Charlotte

  4. Hi Charlotte,
    Thanks for your comment. The Pic Collages were good, and lots of the grade fives had fun and interesting holidays. My holiday was great! I went to WA to visit my brother and his family. I have two cute little nephews over there, so I spent a week hanging out with them. What did you do?
    From Mrs Paterno

  5. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for your comment. I am glad you like the work the grade fives are doing! I am not sure who else goes for Hawthorn, I know I don’t. I go for Geelong! I don’t think the Hawks will win this week because two of their players were suspended. Sorry about that 😉 Go Cats!
    From Mrs Paterno

  6. Dear Mrs Patarno,
    Those photos look good, they must have a lot of creative ideas.What was your favourite thing you did in the holidays?

    From Isaac 4TN

  7. Dear Mrs Paterno,
    Those photos look fantastic and they are really creative

    From Corey 4TN

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