Making Videos on Quality Commenting

This week in Info Lit we began to make instructional videos on how to leave quality comments on blogs.  Working in partners or groups of three, we revised what we have learned about good quality comments and wrote scripts for our videos in Notes before starting to film. When writing our scripts, we had to include specific headings and then add more information to each heading. The headings we needed to include were:

  • Compliment the Writer in a Specific Way
  • Add New Information
  • Make a Connection
  • End with a Question
  • Proofread your Comment
  • Keep your Personal Information Private

All groups worked really well, but we will need to continue making our videos next week because we didn’t have time to finish them in one lesson.  One group did get their video finished and they managed to email it to me.

Here it is:

Well done guys, you have made a great video!  Stay tuned and I will post some more videos as they get finished off.


Mrs Paterno 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Making Videos on Quality Commenting

  1. Dear Mrs Paterno,
    I really enjoyed learning about how to write a quality comment. You taught us well. What are we doing now?
    From Thimuthu

  2. Dear Mrs Paterno

    I like how you teach us to do a nice comment.

    How did you came up with this stuff?

    From Meisha

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