11 thoughts on “The Gold Rush

  1. Dear Mrs Paterno,
    Scrolling through the pages I saw that picture and imeidiatly wanted to find out what it was. The popcorn looks so amazingly delicious and I can’t wait to try it out for myself. I also wanted you to know that I’m having a great time in the library and I always feel excited going there.
    From Arielle 5ED (your blog buddy)

  2. This looks like a fun and delicious activity. We hope the Grade 5’s enjoy it!

    From 1AD

  3. Dear Mrs Paterno,
    Those caramel popcorn look delicious. What ingredients did you use? I am interested in the gold rush and there history! Where is the the gold rush?

  4. Dear mrs paterno and grade 5,

    I like popcorn and I like caramel
    So I think this is a great
    idear. Where did you get the idear from?

    From Riley 4TN

  5. To miss Paterno and grade fives
    They look sooooo Yummy!
    How do you make them ?

  6. Dear Mrs Paterno,
    The caramel popcorn looks delicious. I can’t wait until I’m in grade 5. How do you make them ?

  7. Dear mrs Paterno…

    WOW!How cool is that.
    I hope you had fun doing it.
    But why are you learning about it?

  8. Dear Mrs Paterno and Year 5
    That sounds delicious!
    Hope you guys have fun. 🙂
    Does everyone like popcorn?
    From Laycee 4TN

  9. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your comments. We made the caramel popcorn last week. We used popcorn seeds, butter, sugar, golden syrup and honey. It was really easy and delicious! The Gold Rush is an important part of Australian history, that’s why we learn about it. It happened a long time ago, around the 1800s. People started to find gold in country Victoria, around areas such as Ballarat, Beechworth and Yackandandah. Many people, including people from overseas places like China, rushed to the goldfields to try to strike it rich. I hope you are looking forward to learning about it during your year in grade five. You will even get to experience the camp at Sovereign Hill!
    Love Mrs Paterno

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