STEM: Paper Aeroplane Challenge!

During Week 10 in Information Literacy, the Level 5 students were given a STEM challenge:

“Design, create and make modifications to a paper aeroplane to ensure that it can glide for at least 3 metres, carrying as much cargo as possible”

The cargo was in the form of money and the students were challenged to see how they could attach and evenly balance coins to their aeroplane, whilst still allowing it to smoothly glide through the air.  Some students opted to use their iPads and research new and innovative paper aeroplane designs, while others opted for designs that were old favourites!

The STEM challenge required students to:

  • Think about the steps involved in their design process
  • Contribute to small group research
  • Create a design brief
  • Use a research method that required: internet search, trialling, modifying
  • Discuss and share their design ideas through Pic Collage

Paper Aeroplane Pic Collage Term 2

In the end, there could only be a few winners! Below are our final flight measurements and cargo weights. Well done to all Year 5 students – you did a wonderful job!

Team Distance Cargo
Jacob and Logan 5m $1
Harvey and Cameron 6m 30 cents
Andrew and Jose 3.5m 49 cents
Jorja and Meisha DNF – Splat!
James and Rehan 3.5m $1.70
Laycee and Madi DNF – Splat!
Lacey and Ella 6.5m 70 cents
Corey, Isaac and Samim 7m $2.70
Michaela and Lawanmie 3m 60 cents
Charlotte and Meg 4m 80 cents
Oscar and Ben                                 DNF – Money not attached!
Team Distance Cargo
Jonathon and Abdi 7m 20 cents
Sienna and Shianne 3m $1.20
Olivia and Sophie 3m 80 cents
Cody and Aniruth 3.5m 60 cents
Ruby and Angelina 3.5m $1.10
Bailey and Dylan 7m 50 cents
Julian 9m $1.00
Bradley and Josh 4m $1.00
William 4m $1.50
Izzy and Diya 8m 30 cents
Matthew and Brody 9.5m $2.20
Sahar and Zoe 4m 30 cents
Team Distance Cargo
Steven and Danny 2.5m 20 cents
Timmi and Steph DNF – Too much cargo!
Connor and Jacob 6m 80 cents
Isaac and Jack 4m 80 cents
Rijja, Pari and Charithi 3.5m 30 cents
Sandra, Maria and Amy 3.75m 40 cents
Aiden and Kane 6m $1.80
Ryder and Izeck 5m 40 cents
Joel and Jake 7m 40 cents
Phoebe and Janaina 7.5m 30 cents
Jamie and Ruhani 4m 65 cents
Team Distance Cargo
Ben and Nick 2.5m 20 cents
Matthew and Ethan 5m 85 cents
Sabry and Darcy 5m 20 cents
Jai and Callum DNF – Barrel Rolls!
Evelyn and Sanuli DNF – Impressive Rolls!
Chris and Caleb 3.5m 60 cents
Amy and Cristina 4m 70 cents
Marcel and Julian 7m 30 cents
Lainey and Jayda DNF
Alana and Caitlyn 3.5m 50 cents
Ella and Muskan 4m 80 cents
Team Distance Cargo
Darrius and Michael 4.8m 35 cents
Thomas and Elijah 2m 5 cents
Ethan and Riley 3.5m $1.20
Kevin and Lachlan 8.5m 80 cents – one coin fell out
James and Hayden 4m 10 cents
Ebony and Milly  10m 10 cents
Kushi and Sithuli 4m 60 cents
Zoe and Bridey 3.8m $1.70
Paige and Vivian 4.2m 70 cents
Samrath and Netra 3.5m 50 cents
Olivia and Dilshaan 5m 70 cents
Emma and Cameron 3.2m 20 cents

Michael and Darrius paper plane Alana and Caitlyn Callum and Jai

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