Let the Oat-lympics begin!

What better way to build up excitement to the Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony on Saturday, than to run our very own Oat-lympics on Friday – and what a day it was!

We began with the opening ceremony to welcome all countries to the event. The gym was full of flags, bright coloured outfits and lots of cheering!

After recess, all Year 5 students made their way to the soccer oval where they competed for their country in a range of fun activities which included – sack races, ‘pizza’ throwing, egg and spoon races, gumboot throwing and tennis ball and bucket shots.

We were lucky enough to have a beautifully sunny afternoon to enjoy the activities. It was wonderful to see such excellent sportsmanship from all competitors – a fabulous effort!


Don’t forget to tune into the Olympics over the next few weeks. There’s already been a very exciting start for Australia as over the weekend we already won three gold medals across swimming and archery. Keep your eye out for the sport or athlete that you are creating your eBook on – you may find some new and interesting information to add to your pages. Below is a video of Mack Horton, our gold medalist swimmer, take a look at his very exciting race! Try and keep up to date with all the medal winners as we will be completing a Nearpod quiz this week!

Miss Crowther

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2 thoughts on “Let the Oat-lympics begin!

  1. I love the olympics and well done too Mack Horton who won gold.
    Mrs Crowther what is you favourite Olympic sport? My favourite Olympic sport is probably basketball

  2. Mack Horton is a fantastic athlete, isn’t he? What a tough choice – I’ve enjoyed watching so many of the Olympic events! I think the gymnastics and BMX have been my favourite because they aren’t sports you get to watch very often!

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