Go Aussies!

What an exciting week it has been at the Rio Olympics! We started our lessons in Info Lit this week by recapping on the highlights of the Rio 2016 Olympics, including all the medals Australia has so far won. You can access our NearPod quiz below, see how many you can get right! Tip: Be sure to enter in your own name if you complete the quiz!

This week we focused on inserting audio recordings and hyperlinks into our eBooks. Next week as the Rio Olympics begin to wind up, we will complete our A-Z Books about the Olympics. We will compile our pages to complete whole class books. We will then make our books available online for anyone to access.

As we move on from the Olympics, we will begin to look at coding. Coding is a language that makes it possible for us to create and program computer software, apps, games and websites. Your internet browser, phone operating system, apps on your phone and even this website – they’re all made with code! Different types of code are like different languages, some include: Python, Java script and HTML. We are starting by exploring block coding, which encodes data in blocks. Below you can see an example of block coding from the program Scratch. On the left is the basic click and drag block coding and on the right is the actual code that is being directed.

block code example

Some of us got a head start with our coding this week by exploring Code Studio. If you’d like to continue practising before our session next week, you can go to https://studio.code.org/  Make sure you begin on Course 2 – Stage 3 – Level 1. Please make sure you complete every stage before moving to the next level. For example: Course 2 has 19 stages!

Code studio courses

These stages include coding tasks that require you to block code for Angry Birds and Flappy Bird!

flappy bird

Good luck!

Miss Crowther

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