STEM Challenge – Balloon Towers Brief

Welcome back to Term 4 2016 – can you believe this is your final term of Year 5? Not long until you’ll be wearing your rugby tops, leading the school!

Whilst we have a good 11 weeks this term, we still plan to squeeze in as much digital technology and STEM based learning as we possibly can. In particular, we will look at honing in on our 21st century learning skills – the 4 Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Below you can see these 4 areas in a little more detail.


This term I’d also like to introduce a new teacher to our team, Mrs. B. She recently arrived back in Oz from teaching over in the Middle East with her husband and family. We are very excited for her to join our Info Lit team and share her wonderful knowledge and skills with us. Now, what better way to kick off the term than begin with a STEM challenge!


You will find today’s STEM challenge brief in the video below. Further instructions are underneath.


Challenge:  Use 21st century learning skills (collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking) to build a balloon tower that reaches over one metre high.

Materials available:  10 balloons and a roll of masking tape.

Brief: You will begin with 10 minutes of planning and designing time, followed by a strict time limit of 30 minutes to create and construct. You will need to document the entire process from planning, to creating and trialling. You may be creative in the way you present your team’s work – think photos, videos, voice recording = movies, photo grids, blog posts, Spark Videos, oh the possibilities!


  • Only team members can blow up and tie the balloons
  • If a balloon pops, there are no replacements
  • You are only limited by your creativity, ingenuity and ability to work as a team

Good Luck!

Miss Crowther

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