Garage Band – Music Composition with iPads

For the next two weeks we are exploring music composition on the iPads. This week we used Garage Band, which is an entire music creation studio inside your iPad — with a complete sound library that includes software instruments, presets for guitar and voice.


Our focus this week was exploring some of the elements of music: dynamics, tempo and tone to create our very own spooky soundscapes. We listening to different scary music songs and compositions, some very well known, others not so. We discussed how dynamics of loud, soft and often crescendo (increase in sound) can be used to add dramatic effect. We know that a scary sounding piece of music uses both loud and soft to change the mood. We also found that stringed instruments were a popular instrument to create short, sharp and often piercing sounds – very scary!

We were given the challenge to create a 30 – 60 second long scary soundscape using the tracks function of Garage Band, this enables you to select from a wide range of instruments including: strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass), drums, keyboards (piano, organ, synths), guitar (bass, electric, classical, ukulele).


garage-band-2 garage-band-3

Next week we move onto editing/remixing already exisiting songs. If you have an iTunes account on your iPad, you’ll be able to select on of your favourite songs to work on!

Miss Crowther



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