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I have some very exciting new for Oatlands Primary School! We are lucky enough to have joined the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) ICT Professionals in Schools Program. This means that Oatlands Primary School has been partnered with an ICT professional. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity, which enables us to build a relationship with an ICT specialist, gain a different perspective, as well as provide us with inspiration and expert advice.

Instead of me introducing our partner, he has very kindly written a guest blog post instead! Please read below to find out more about our wonderful new ICT parter, Jonathan Juler.

My name is Jonathan Juler.  I’ve worked in IT for nearly 26 years.  Right now I work at National Australia Bank in IT Security where I design and implement Identity Management solutions.  I have done many things in my career some of which include: programming, testing, database administration, systems programming and application support.   I have worked on all sorts of different computers, including 3270 ‘dumb’ terminals, PCs, Windows Servers, Linux Servers right through to the latest IBM mainframes. All the major banks, many government departments and other large private corporations rely on mainframes to do the ‘heavy lifting’ in the IT world.  Here are a couple of links to some really old stuff I used when I first started in IT:

3270 ‘dumb’ terminals

IBM 286 PC

And here is a link to the latest and greatest mainframe:

IBM z13 Mainframe

The first PC I owned was an IBM 386-DX40 and it had 4MB of RAM and an 80MB hard drive!  I was alive when the internet was ‘invented’ and I used a 2400 baud modem to connect to it.  Most of the time that meant I had a download speed of 2400 bits per second or 2.4Kbps.  Today I get 30Mbps or 30,000Kbps – quite a lot faster!

Outside work I am married with 4 kids of my own and 4 step kids all ranging in age from 14 to 23.  I like to cook, go driving on and off-road, spend time with my family and friends, go to church and lots of other things. I look forward to being able to help out at Oatlands PS.

Jonathan Juler.

I’m sure Jonathan would love to hear all about what we have been learning about during our Info Lit/Tech sessions, as well as how you use your devices on a day to day basis at school. Can you please post a comment with a question or two for Jonathan below that includes:

  • A few sentences explaining how you use ICT at Oatlands Primary School
  • What ICT skills or concepts you’d like to learn more about (this year and next year)
  • A question you’d like to ask Jonathan – ICT related! Remember, he has an incredible wealth of knowledge of technology, so see if you can come up with an interesting question!

Miss Crowther

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