iMovie: Famous movie recreations!


This week is our second intensive week of iMovie. Last week we explored making movie trailers for picture books and novels and Mrs. B and I were really impressed with the final products!

This week you’ll have some more creative control as you plan and create or should I say ‘recreate’ famous movie clips! You’ll be using the Movie Project option this time so you’ll be able to compose or insert your own music as well as have more control over the transitions and theme.

Today’s challenge:

Working in groups of 3-4, you need to recreate a series of famous movie scenes, using the 11 options below. You’ll need to think about:

  • Actors and script
  • Filming and camera angles
  • Music and sound

Take a look at the videos below, you may like to use a selection of these or choose your own.

The Lion King: Baby Simba

Titanic: I’m Flying

The Sound of Music: The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music

The Wizard of Oz: There’s No Place Like Home

Home Alone: Kevin

Indiana Jones: The Lost Ark

ET: Phone Home

Finding Nemo: Just Keep Swimming

Mary Poppins: A Spoonful of Sugar

Babe: La La La

Harry Potter: You’re a Wizard Harry

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