Natural Disaster News Reports

Well at last, here they are, our finished news reports!

Our year fives did an amazing job of researching their natural disaster, making an animation on it, and filming their news reports.  The finished projects were put together using iMovie.

Take a look at a small sample of what we achieved:

Great job everyone! 🙂


Filming News Reports

Our year fives were really excited this week about filming their news reports for the natural disasters news report projects. The students brought along some outfits to wear during the filming, and dressed up as news reporters.

Here are some photos of our filming in action:

I can’t wait to see the finished results in two weeks!

Natural Disasters News Reports

This week, the year fives began to work on their natural disasters news report projects. The students needed to decide on a well known natural disaster from around the world to research. We will then use our animation skills in iMotion Pro and Do Ink to create an animation of the disaster, and record ourselves reporting on the event. 

This week we were at the researching phase, watching news reports and taking notes and facts to include in our own news reports. 

Take at look at some of our students hard at work. 

We can’t wait until our projects are finished! 


This term, the year fives have begun a unit on animation. We used the iMotion Pro app this week to create some simple animations with play doh.

Here are some of our creations, we will be using these skills over the coming term to make some animations and news reports on our integrated topic of Natural Disasters, so stay tuned!

STEM Activities

This week in Info Lit, the year fives had some fun completing a STEM activity. STEM stands for Science, Technology, English and Mathematics. These activities start off with a design brief, specific materials, rules and a certain amount of time in which the challenge must be completed.

Here’s what we had to do:

Some pairs made some amazingly long chains!

After we finished our challenge, the students had a range of questions to consider, such as

  • What was your method?
  • Were you successful? Why/why not?
  • What should you have done differently?
  • Why was the winning chain the longest?

Take a look at some samples of our work:

Police Visit

We were super lucky to have two members of the police force come to visit our school today! Leading senior constable Steve, and his partner senior constable Carol gave us a presentation on what their job entails and the three most common criminal offences comitted by young people. These are assault, theft and criminal damage. Cyber bullying and cyber offences come under the ‘assault’ heading. We found out that people can be arrested and charges at the age of just ten years old, and that you could have a permanent criminal record if you were found guilty in court. I hope it was a big reminder to always choose to do the right thing, even when we are doing things like using the internet, social media and playing online games!