Rehearsal Photos

Here are some photos of the Grade 5 students rehearsing their Stop-Motion animations.  The students had some great ideas and have made some incredible sets.


Rehearsal Time: Practise makes perfect

The art of Stop-Motion animation is a wonderful way to animate items that would otherwise stay still.  Students have chosen a variety of items to animate for their short films ranging from Playdoh to Lego to toys.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to this film making technique: limited only by your imagination.

It is always a good idea to practise before commencing proper filming so that you can work out the best way to get a film that is what you planned it would be.

Here is a short instructional video that highlights some of the important things to think about when filming a Stop-Motion animation.

Important Tips
  • Lighting: Try to position yourself under a light rather than using natural light.
  • Backgrounds: Think about your background. Make sure it isn’t too busy and that it is easy to see your characters against the background.
  • Flooring/ Base Plates: If using Lego it is best to have a base plate to help the characters stand up and to help with positioning.  If you are using other materials it is a good idea to have a more solid base than the carpet.  You can use paper, cardboard or a table.

Lego base plate

  • Camera set up: Get your camera up as close to your scene as you can. Check how it looks through your camera before you film.  Be careful when pressing the button to take the photo so that you don’t move the camera for the next shot.  Lastly, if you have a stand, make sure you use it.

Using a stand keeps the movie steady.

  • Movements: The smaller the movements your characters make each time you take a photo, the more smoothly they will move.  Small movements = Smooth movements

Enjoy your time to practise! Try new things out and have a think about any modifications you may need to make to your script before filming begins next week.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Now that we have set the scene for our movies and outlined our characters, it is rehearsal time.  This will give us the opportunity to run through some of our scenes and to see how our props and characters look.  We will also be able to try out some tips and tricks for Stop-Motion Animation.


Here are some great examples of Lego Stop-Motion Animations:

Lego Car Crash


Lego Mini Golf


Take note of how they use sound effects, backgrounds and music to help set the scene.



Movie Theme: Connect

Today we mind mapped our movie topic, Connect. We used Popplet to brainstorm 3 questions.

Who do we connect with?
Why do we connect with each other?
How do we connect with each other?

Here is one of the Popplets:

By Molly & Alexandra

We then used this brainstorm to complete a movie pitch for our stop-motion animations.

Next week we will start our scripts and explore some famous scripts and scenes from well-known movies.

Online Smarts – What does it mean to be safe online? eBook

Let’s get started on our Online Smarts eBooks!

These digital books will be a wonderful resource for us, our families and for other students.  When you are unsure or need resources we want you to open up this book and find the answers.

Today we are going to learn about what it means to leave a digital footprint.  What is a digital footprint? Watch the following video.

Your task today comes from the very useful website Common Sense Media.  We will be exploring many of the resources on this site to help us produce our eBook.

Trillion Dollar Footprint

Imagine you are choosing a host for a TV Show called “Trillion Dollar Footprint”.  The host needs to be honest and able to work well with others.

Read these imaginary profiles to determine the most suitable host for the TV show.  The profiles include their application letter, their “MyFace” profile and other online information.

Linda’s Profile

Jason’s Profile

Who are you going to choose?


Cyber Safety with Tony Richards


Tony Richards presented two fantastic ‘Cyber Safety’ session to the Grade 5 students today.

We will all be able to reflect on how safe we are online and some of the precautions that we can take to make our online activities safer and more enjoyable.  It is a great idea to share some of these strategies with your family too.

Some questions to think about when you are next online:

  • Are my online friends people I have actually meet in the real world?
  • Who is able to see my photos or videos?
  • Are my passwords secure?
  • Do people have access to my personal information? Eg. address, phone number etc
  • Are my location settings on for photos?
  • Is this information I have found from a reliable source?

Over this term we will be developing eBooks about Cyber Safety that will be shared with the school community to help educate other students.

Photos for our Oatlands Poster Activity

There were so many wonderful photos were taken today by the Grade 5 students. It was really great to see everyone trying out all the tips for taking interesting photos.  Something as simple as getting down low or holding the camera up high can make a photo a lot more interesting.

We are really looking forward to seeing the amazing posters that you all come up with next week.

Star Photographers

Imagine you have been selected to make a poster to advertise Oatlands Primary School.  The poster will be used for one of the following:

1. A large outdoor poster (like one you would see out the front of a house that is for sale)

2. A poster displayed at a kindergarten nearby

3. A poster displayed at a local basketball stadium

4. A large poster on the back of a bus


Today we will be taking photos to use in our posters and organising our camera roll into albums.

Tips for great photos:

The subject doesn’t always have to be in the centre of the picture.

Use different angles to add interest to a photo.

Fill the picture with interesting details.

Be aware of shadows and light in your photos.