Another Amazing Video on Quality Commenting

Here is another fine example of the videos the grade 5 students have been working on about writing good quality comments on blogs.

Well done Roya, Jackson and Thomas from 5ED!   Stay tuned for a few more to come soon.

Mrs Paterno 🙂

Making Videos on Quality Commenting

This week in Info Lit we began to make instructional videos on how to leave quality comments on blogs.  Working in partners or groups of three, we revised what we have learned about good quality comments and wrote scripts for our videos in Notes before starting to film. When writing our scripts, we had to include specific headings and then add more information to each heading. The headings we needed to include were:

  • Compliment the Writer in a Specific Way
  • Add New Information
  • Make a Connection
  • End with a Question
  • Proofread your Comment
  • Keep your Personal Information Private

All groups worked really well, but we will need to continue making our videos next week because we didn’t have time to finish them in one lesson.  One group did get their video finished and they managed to email it to me.

Here it is:

Well done guys, you have made a great video!  Stay tuned and I will post some more videos as they get finished off.


Mrs Paterno 🙂

Writing Quality Comments

The grade fives have begun learning how to comment on the school blogs.  This week we watched a short movie on how to write quality comments, and we learned the difference between a ‘thumbs up’ and a ‘thumbs down’ comment.

Good quality comments:

  • begin like a letter
  • compliment the writer
  • add new information
  • make a connection
  • finish with a question
  • are a about the post
  • do not include any personal information, including your last name
  • are proofread and edited carefully

The students practised writing ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ comments in their notes before they posted their comments onto their class blogs.  The students are becoming really good at writing quality comments and it will be great to see them writing lots of comments on the school blogs from now on.

Have a look at the video we watched in class this week:

Setting up our Email Addresses

This week in Info Lit, the grade fives set up their school email addresses.  These school email addresses can be used to send and receive emails to do with school, but they will also be needed when the students are blogging.

When it comes to emailing, the following points from the ‘Oatlands Primary School Acceptable Use Agreement for Ultranet, internet and digital technologies’ are important to remember.

When I use digital technology I agree to:

  • be a safe, responsible and ethical user whenever and wherever I use it
  • support others by being respectful in how I communicate with them and never write or participate in online bullying (this includes forwarding messages and supporting others in harmful, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviour)
  • seek to understand the terms and conditions of websites and online communities and be aware that content I upload or post is my digital footprint
  • protect my privacy rights and those of other students by not giving out personal details including full names, telephone numbers, addresses and images
  • use the internet for educational purposes and use the equipment properly
  • use social networking sites for educational purposes and only as directed by teachers

To read the full Internet User Agreement click here: Internet User Agreement

Make sure you always remember your Student Agreement when you are emailing!


To finish off Term 3 the Grade 5 kids held an APP EXPO for their teachers.

After spending a couple of lessons selecting apps and making advertising posters on the iPads for their chosen app, the grade 5’s had to sell their app to an audience. They were attempting to convince their teachers to add some educational as well as fun apps to the classroom iPads.

Lets hope next term the grade 5’s have some additional apps added to their iPads, afterall the hard work they did 🙂


Creating an Avatar

Making your Avatar:

What is an avatar you ask? Well its an image that represents you!

There are detailed instructions on how to create your avatar on these websites.

Please create an avatar and upload it.
Please don’t use your school photo.
Once you have created your avatar leave a comment on this post so we can all check it out.

Creative Commons

We need to make sure that we have permission to use all of the images we are putting on our blogs.

If an image has been classified as Creative Commons this means the owner has given you permission to use it under certain conditions.

Click here to learn more about creative commons licenses.
This video also explains about creative commons
If there is no creative commons permission that means the image is copyright and you CAN NOT use it on your blog.

This year we will be using Wikimedia Commons to sesrch for images.


We can also use the Advanced Search Features in Google to find images with Creative Commons Permission.