Creatures – Appearing and Disappearing

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Book Creator Tutorial

Book Creator for iPad is available from the iTunes Store for $5.49.

Our students having been using it to create their own ePubs. They can add images, text and voice recordings to their books before opening them in iBooks.

We haven’t tried but in theory you can also submit your books to the iBookstore.

The app is very intuitive and our students are finding it fun and easy to use.




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Natural Disaster News Reports


This week we will begin making our  Natural Disaster News Reports.

Watch the BTN report about flooding in Queensland.

We will be using iMovie to make our final video including the sections where the reporters are introducing the news item.
We will be using Lego Superheroes Movie Maker and our lego people to record the footage of the disaster itself.
Think about how you will create the special effects showing the disaster.

Points to remember

  • Always keep your camera in the same position by using a stand.
  • Use the onion skinning feature to ensure that your Lego people don’t move too much between each shot.
  • Turn off rotation lock on the iPad.
  • Have the iPad camera in the correct position.

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Drawing Pad Tutorial

The Drawing Pad App is available from the iTunes store for $1.99.

It is a fantastic app. It includes a large range of drawing tools and colours. You can add backgrounds, stamps and stickers. You can import images from your camera roll and photo albums.

There are lots of options for exporting your finished work including:

  • Saving to your Camera Roll
  • Emailing
  • Printing
  • Posting to Facebook and Twitter

The only downside is that you can not add text.


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 Making our own Movies

Click here to watch an introduction to iMovie.

Today we will be learning to use iMovie on the iPads.

  • Watch this introduction to iMovie
  • Make a video of you and your partner telling three jokes
  • Use iMovie to convert your footage into a movie.
  • Remember to include titles and credits, video effects, transitions, background music and themes.
  • Use the Apple TV to share your final product.
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Sock Puppets

Sock Puppet Interviews 


Holiday Recount

  • Make a rough copy of your holiday interview.
  • You may like to discuss places and people you visited and activities, movies, books you enjoyed.

sock puppet button

Sock Puppets

In the Sock Puppets App

  • Select your characters.
  • Select your backgrounds.
  • Select props and scenery.
  • Record your video.
  • Save your video.
  • Share your video by saving to Photos (Camera Roll)


Sock Puppet Autopost

Publishing Video

In the Photos App

  • Select your Video
  • Post to our year five blog via posterous
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