Indigenous Australia Pic Collages

This week the grade fives practised Google searching and safe searching skills.  We searched for images relevant to Indigenous Australia.  We chose three images and saved them to our camera roll, and we saved the URLs for each image into our notes.  It is important to include the URL for any image you find using Google Images or any images you copy from websites, otherwise it is much like plagiarism. This also promotes fair use of photos and other media on the web.  After we saved our images and the URLs, we created some fabulous Pic Collages.  Below are just some of our Pic Collages, we hope you like them!

Mel Billy 5MD Ajay omar Jack 5FJ dua michelle linda Arielle


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Welcome to Info Lit 2015

Welcome back Grade Fives! My name is Mrs Paterno and I am very excited to be your teacher for Info Lit, 2015.  As a brand new teacher to OPS, it was fantastic to meet you all for the first week of Info Lit.

This term is all about setting your iPad up to use at school, revising the core apps, and using email.  We will be using the core apps to produce some really cool pieces of work around the same theme you are doing in your classroom this term, Indigenous Australia.

We are also reading an excellent novel during our Info Lit sessions called Wicked, by Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman.  It should be a bit of fun 🙂

Your Info Lit sessions are every Thursday, so see you then!

Mrs Paterno


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Info Lit – Define your Topic

This term we will be taking a closer look at the Information Literacy Process.

Our first step will be defining our topic.

  • Use Webdav Nav+ to create a folder on the S:drive for your work.
  • In groups of three – use a Lotus diagram to select and expand on your topic
  • Photograph your completed diagram and upload to your folder
  • Select a section of the lotus diagram as your focus. Photograph, crop and upload.
  • In Pages create a Data Grid. Please include:
    • title
    • name and grade
    • grid (5×5)
    • questions (from your lotus diagram)

Lotus Diagram


This Lotus Diagram was created by Kelly Leighton.


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Pic Collage

This week we were focusing on our skills with Pic Collage.

The steps we went through included:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Collecting three images for our topic; a photo, a clip art image and a line drawing.
  • Saving all three images to our camera roll
  • Saving all three URLs to notes – remembering to include a brief description.
  • Adding a title – choosing an interesting font and a matching colour.
  • Adding our name and grade.
  • Copying and pasting our URLs and descriptions from Notes to Pic Collage
  • Arranging our poster so that they had the WOW factor.
  • Saving our poster to our camera roll.




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…Let the GAMES begin…

Olympic Fever flowed through school on Friday…

ceremonies, games, athletes, gold medals, ribbons and olympic spirit!

Our grade fives represented Vanuatu, New Zealand, Iceland and Mexico…

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This week we will be celebrating the Olympics with our own school based Oatylympics.

Here are some websites you might find helpful – just in case your teachers ask you to do a research project focussing on the Olympics.


“Official source of Olympic Games sports, countries, results, medals, schedule, athlete bios, teams, news, photos, videos for Summer and Winter Olympics.”

London 2012

“Official Website for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Live results, competition schedule, news, photos, videos, medal count, athlete bios.”

Australia London 2012

“Official Site of the 2012 Australian Olympic Team for London Olympics. News, Athlete Blogs, Bios, Video, Galleries, Online Games and Education Resources.”

ABC News – The Olympics

“News reports on the games, athlete biographies, and links to audio news broadcasts.”



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