Lego Sizzling Starts

Mermaid One


“Fishermen are so stupid these days, do they actually think I am going to let them catch me on that stupid hook of theirs and then cook me. Well guess what? They are messing with the wrong mermaid?”



Mermaid 2


“I’m so mad. I want some one to be friends with me.”

“Oh my! I found a treasure chest. I want to open that chest.”


 Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.31.16 pm“Oh my gosh! A mermaid.”

“Don’t look at me like that!!”

She was so beautiful that my eyes were close to bursting. She doesn’t like people looking at her but who cares.


Mermaid 4


Swish, swish, the sound of the ocean is lovely on this beautiful morning.  Bang!!!!!  The angry mermaid is very mad. In fact extremely mad that she has lost her teapot. She looks everywhere but she can not find it anywhere. Can you see it?


Lego Sizzling Starts

This week we will be using our Lego to help us write sizzling starts.

  • Use up to three minifies and the jazzy lego to create an exciting scene on your base plate.
  • Photograph your scene.
  • In PicCollage, insert your photo and write a “sizzling start” to go with your scene.
  • Swap tables and select a scene created by someone else’s lego scene
  • Photograph their scene. In PicCollage, insert your latest photo and write a “sizzling start” to go with their scene.
  • Keep rotating, photographing and writing until you have written four sizzling starts.
  • Remember to check out the “sizzling starts” that other people have written about your lego scene.