Info Lit – Define your Topic

This term we will be taking a closer look at the Information Literacy Process.

Our first step will be defining our topic.

  • Use Webdav Nav+ to create a folder on the S:drive for your work.
  • In groups of three – use a Lotus diagram to select and expand on your topic
  • Photograph your completed diagram and upload to your folder
  • Select a section of the lotus diagram as your focus. Photograph, crop and upload.
  • In Pages create a Data Grid. Please include:
    • title
    • name and grade
    • grid (5×5)
    • questions (from your lotus diagram)

Lotus Diagram


This Lotus Diagram was created by Kelly Leighton.


Pic Collage

This week we were focusing on our skills with Pic Collage.

The steps we went through included:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Collecting three images for our topic; a photo, a clip art image and a line drawing.
  • Saving all three images to our camera roll
  • Saving all three URLs to notes – remembering to include a brief description.
  • Adding a title – choosing an interesting font and a matching colour.
  • Adding our name and grade.
  • Copying and pasting our URLs and descriptions from Notes to Pic Collage
  • Arranging our poster so that they had the WOW factor.
  • Saving our poster to our camera roll.




Book Creator Tutorial

Book Creator for iPad is available from the iTunes Store for $5.49.

Our students having been using it to create their own ePubs. They can add images, text and voice recordings to their books before opening them in iBooks.

We haven’t tried but in theory you can also submit your books to the iBookstore.

The app is very intuitive and our students are finding it fun and easy to use.




Passion Project

This week we will be beginning our passion projects.

This will give us an opportunity to demonstrate how well we can use the Information Literacy Process.

This week you will need to:

  • Set up your hard copy project folder
  • Set up your online project folder (in Dropbox)
  • Define your topic


What is the problem you wish to solve?

  • Select your topic (This needs to be new. You can work on a topic you already know lots about but you have to choose a new aspect or issue)
  • Create a concept map showing what you already know about your topic
  • Develop your focus questions
  • Identify your keywords
  • Prepare your research plan
  • Create your data grid

Sample Concept Map (Kidspiration)

Har0003 Antarctia

Sample Data Grid (Word)

data grid screen shot

pet0051 adelie penguin

Sweet Disolving


  • 3 hard lollies (Minties or Fantales)
  • Timers


  • To investigate the effect of mouth movements of the time taken to dissolve lollies.


  • Place the first lolly in your mouth. Hold it still. Time how long it takes to completely dissolve.
  • Place the second lolly in your mouth. Use your tongue to move it about. Time how long it takes to completely dissolve.
  • Place the third lolly in your mouth. Use your teeth and tongue to move it about. Time how long it takes to completely dissolve.
  • Compare your results. What have you discovered?