Science Experiments

Welcome back!
This term we will be using Explain Everything to write up our science experiments.
Each class will be carrying out one of the following investigations:

  • Sweet Dissolving (6A & 5D)
  • Colour Detectives (6M & 5H)
  • Marshmallow Challenge (6B & 5J)
  • M & M flavours (6K & 5SF)

Please be sure to take lots of photos with the iPads whilst you are completing the activities.
Once you have finished you will need to use Explain Everything to create a brief presentation.
Your presentation should contain

  • Title
  • Participants
  • Equipment
  • Aim
  • Method
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Your presentation should include:

  • Text
  • Photographs
  • Voice recordings.

Please make sure your presentation is no more than two minutes long.
Please select a partner who is in your own grade.

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To finish off Term 3 the Grade 5 kids held an APP EXPO for their teachers.

After spending a couple of lessons selecting apps and making advertising posters on the iPads for their chosen app, the grade 5’s had to sell their app to an audience. They were attempting to convince their teachers to add some educational as well as fun apps to the classroom iPads.

Lets hope next term the grade 5’s have some additional apps added to their iPads, afterall the hard work they did ūüôā


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Strip Designer

The Strip Designer App ($2.99)  is much more than a create your own comic strip app.

…Kids can learn digital creation skills and improve their writing skills, story telling and graphic design. You can create comic strips, posters, stories and diary entries. It is an open ended app and you are only limited by your imagination.

Strip Designer is the perfect app for classroom publishing.

You can add a variety of content, including taking photos and drawing pictures within the app and importing images from your photo album.

There is also a complete range of options for sharing your finished products. You can email, upload to faceook, twittter, Flickr and dropbox, print or save as a .pdf, image or strip designer project file.






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Natural Disaster News Reports


This week we will begin making our  Natural Disaster News Reports.

Watch the BTN report about flooding in Queensland.

We will be using iMovie to make our final video including the sections where the reporters are introducing the news item.
We will be using Lego Superheroes Movie Maker and our lego people to record the footage of the disaster itself.
Think about how you will create the special effects showing the disaster.

Points to remember

  • Always keep your camera in the same position by using a stand.
  • Use the onion skinning feature to ensure that your Lego people don’t move too much between each shot.
  • Turn off rotation lock on the iPad.
  • Have the iPad camera in the correct position.

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…Let the GAMES begin…

Olympic Fever flowed through school on Friday…

ceremonies, games, athletes, gold medals, ribbons and olympic spirit!

Our grade¬†fives represented Vanuatu,¬†New Zealand, Iceland¬†and Mexico…

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